Selling Chickens Online with WooCommerce

Recently we had the opportunity to work on an e-commerce website for a Chicken Hatchery. One of my favorite things about this job is getting to learn about local businesses and industries! I can now talk chicken with the best of them!

There were a number of functional requirements for the e-commerce store that took some careful planning and creative use of plugins in order to stay within our customer’s budget. The complexities of this project included:

  • Organizing products into 5 major categories (chickens, ducks, pheasants, turkeys and guineas), each with several subcategories
  • Each product is available in males, females or a mixture
  • Quantity discounts that are unique to the sex of the bird in question had to be implemented for each breed
  • Add-on services are offered for certain products but the price of the service is based on the quantity ordered
  • Our client needed to invoice customers rather than process a credit or debit card payment automatically

To give you a quick synopsis, we had roughly 80 products in multiple categories and subcategories, each with a unique price and unique quantity discounts. Customers needed to be able to build their order and submit it to our customer for approval without billing them automatically.

In order to accommodate the functionality required while keeping the cost down for our client, we choose to build the site using WordPress in conjunction with WooCommerce. WordPress’ intuitive content management system allowed our client to save cost by inputting their own products and content, and WooCommerce helped us build a complex e-store in a fraction of the time it would have taken us to build it from scratch.

Two key plugins were used to handle the product variations, quantity discounts and add-on products; the Dynamic Pricing Plugin and the Product Add-ons Plugin. In order to get the product add-ons plugin to work correctly with the dynamic pricing plugin, we had to adjust the way the product discounts were being calculated by the dynamic pricing plugin. We will be posting a detailed tutorial on how we did this soon.

Then we had to make adjustments to the WooCommerce plugin in order to get it to create invoices instead of processing a payment. You will see a tutorial for doing this on our blog soon as well.

Using WooCommerce and a couple of plugins along with some creative customizations and coding wizardry (thanks to Guillermo!), we were able to build a streamlined system that fits our clients needs and business without breaking their bank.

In just two weeks since the site launched, our customer has seen a complete return on the investment they made in their website as well as a 100% increase in orders over last year.

If you’re in the market for chickens, ducks, pheasants, turkeys or guineas, check out Townline Hatchery’s new e-commerce site! They’ll ship the baby birds through the United States Postal Service! For real!


If your in the market for an e-commerce site that generates real measurable results for your business, contact us today to start a conversation about your project! If we can create a website that sells live birds, what kind of website couldn’t we make!