The Artisans Behind the Furniture

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll remember that we had an opportunity to tour the Gilmore furniture factory a couple months ago. We were impressed with the extraordinary craftsmanship that our client showed during our tour and several “Exploration” meetings, so we decided to make that the focus of the website.

Gilmore, being a mostly B2B company, needed to appeal to other furniture manufacturers so we used full-width photography of Gilmore craftsmen and women in their natural habitat to impress upon the viewer the level of intricacy they demonstrate in their work.

The clean white background contrasts with a burnt orange color along with a gray line-drawing pattern to give off an air of elegance that appeals to the more high-end furniture companies.

In consideration of Gilmore’s busy clientele, the information architecture was simplified so the navigation would contain just four menu items; one for complete furniture, one for furniture components, one for any additional information about the company, and a “Request a Quote” button.

Also in consideration of Gilmore’s busy (and mobile) customers, we designed the site to be responsive so that it is easy to navigate no matter what type of device the viewer is using.


It is important to always understand a site’s analytical data because it can raise flags when something is off, and allows for continuous improvement. We’re happy to report that in the three weeks since launch, traffic to Gilmore’s website has increased 110%!

Check out and click around to see the rest of the site. If you are interested in talking to us about how we can improve your website, please contact us to get the conversation started.