6 Examples of Engaging Video Website Backgrounds

Websites no longer need to be static. Faster internet speeds and HTML5 are freeing websites from the confines of traditional graphic design. We can now integrate animations and video content into websites without having to worry too much about cross-browser compatibility or hindering loading speeds.

If you find yourself wondering why you would want to include video content on your website, do a quick google search for “the effectiveness of video in marketing” and prepare to be amazed by some of the statistics you find. If a picture is worth a thousand words, video must be worth a billion. Video can communicate an idea faster and more effectively than any other medium, and it can capture attention and hold it longer than text or photography ever could.

Recently, we’ve been seeing a lot of companies incorporate video into the background of their websites. This trend isn’t going away any time soon, so for this week’s blog post we decided to share some of the best examples we’ve found along with a brief explanation of why they’re effective.

  1. The Q Camera
    The team at The Q set out to, in their words, make a digital camera “that didn’t suck”… Their camera is touted as the world’s first social camera that automatically uploads photos to the internet and copes with any lighting condition; “it’s waterproof and even idiot-proof.” The Q’s website uses video to reinforce their brand message that the Q is a camera that’s portable, can go underwater, takes pictures in the dark, and easily uploads photos to your social networks.

  3. Powerhouse
    Powerhouse is a prestigious architecture and design firm focused on creating stunning buildings, spaces and products that simply improve the quality of living for their clients. They make use of the full browser-sized background by showcasing sweeping video footage of their work. The dramatic shots allow the user to experience the quality of Powerhouse’s work in a way that photography never could.

  5. NEApolitan Pizzaria & Birreria
    I’ve heard it said that a restaurants success is almost more dependent on the dining experience than the actual quality of its food. NEApolitan’s video background gives users a great experience before even stepping foot inside the restaurant. They use video lure their audience by including macro shots of their beautiful culinary creations as well as demonstrating their authentic wood oven cooking practices. Their approach is memorable and, more importantly, appetizing!

  7. Businesspark Vienna
    1.8 million square feet of high end office and commercial space with cafes, shops, restraints and other services spread across a 3.2 million square foot area makes up Businesspark Vienna. The background videos show very subtle movements that are not too distracting and do a good job of grabbing the viewers attention and setting the mood of the site.

  9. Y.CO
    This luxury yacht broker and charter service, Y.CO caters to a rather exclusive client who wants to enjoy the good life. The video background does a great job of showing various “snapshots” of the yachting lifestyle. The video is exciting and ambitious without appearing cheesy or over-the-top.

  11. AirBNB
    Accommodation exchange website, AirBNB, uses background video to add emotion to their homepage. The core message behind the site is that AirBNB makes it easy and affordable/profitable to find or list a place to stay literally anywhere in the world. The background video is a series of clips that demonstrate various moods and feelings geared toward the adventurous vacationeer and generates a carefree whimsical atmosphere around their brand.