The end of an era – Blue Sky Sessions is on the move!

8th Street - Holland, MI
We have enjoyed our time on 8th Street in Holland for the past 5 years – easy access to restaurants, watching parades, and occasionally getting work done. Unfortunately, as of today, our lease is up and we have moved out. We have a temporary space we will be setting up in Worksighted’s new building on Hoover, in Holland, while we seek a more permanent location.

We have been looking for space for several months at this point, however it seems we are an awkward sized team in this regard. With 4 people we are too large for a single office in a business center, and too small to justify the cost of a more independent office. We have several options we are evaluating, however feel free to reach out if you have any suggestions.

Further information will follow once decisions are made – in the mean time we have a PO box set up to receive mail at the address below:

PO Box 1802
Holland, MI 49422