Our Latest Manufacturing Website Has a Cool Video Background

Steel Forming Systems New Website

Video backgrounds have a lot of hype right now, as Phil mentioned in his July blog post, but that’s not why we chose to use one for the new site we just launched for Steel Forming Systems. We went that direction for several reasons:

  1. The manufacturing process used by our client, called “roll forming,” is complex and not widely understood, even in the manufacturing world. By giving the reader a visual right off the bat, it helps them process the rest of the information on the site more easily.
  2. It is difficult for manufacturers to stand out on the web. Manufacturer websites tend to be very similar. They all talk about their in-house capabilities, material types and specs, quality, and customer service. The moving background immediately captures the reader’s attention.
  3. Lastly, we just think that the roll forming process looks cool. We had an opportunity to tour the manufacturing floor of Steel Forming Systems. Seeing it in person really gets you thinking about the types of applications it could have. We wanted to extend that thought process to website visitors.

While the video background gives this website the “wow factor,” there are other aspects that make this design successful. Consistent branding weaved throughout the site shows the viewer that Steel Forming Systems is a professional organization that pays close attention to detail.

Industry-specific case studies help the user get a better understanding of the product applications and helps them relate to the product. All of the content is structured in a way that navigates the user further into the site and encourages them to take action by filling out forms. You can read more about this project in our portfolio.

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