Startup Branding and Website – Forged: Timber.Steel.Design

Forged Startup Branding Portfolio Image

We recently had the opportunity to work with a local startup to help them develop their brand strategy from their name all the way to their first website.

A brand needs to be Simple, Memorable, Fresh, Timeless, Gestalt, Versatile and Relevant – and it’s also advisable to have a degree of uniqueness, so when you discover another business doing similar work that is not necessarily in a different geographic market, it’s time to reconsider.

When Forged began working with us, the company was nothing more than an idea of two passionate and incredibly skilled craftsmen/entrepreneurs. As we began our process working with their first name we quickly uncovered a competitor in Chicago operating with the same name.

We enjoyed pouring our creativity and energy into this all hands on deck project!

Visit our portfolio to learn more about our work with Forged: Timber. Steel. Design