Great Web Design – Seattle Space Needle Site is a Medium + Message Win on the Web

Things We Like Thursdays is a new series of posts from the team at Blue Sky Sessions where we will share something interesting we found, whether it is from our daily lives, research for a project, or on the hunt for inspiration.

In order to stay on top of our game as designers and developers, it is necessary to constantly be looking for opportunities to learn about the newest trends, techniques, and industry news. To do this many of us rely on reading blogs where other agencies or individuals share information.

Recently I stumbled upon this excellent post from New Media Campaigns entitled “Web Design and Development Trends You’ll See in 2015” which was a wealth of information! You might be thinking that we’re already a few months into the year, so perhaps this isn’t as timely as it could be, but the interesting thing about web design trends is that they are not just here and gone, they fade in slowly, then sometimes evolve into something completely new. As a good example, read our own blog post on Engaging Video Backgrounds from the middle of last year and note that one of the 2015 trends from New Media Campaigns piece is ‘Ambient Video Backgrounds’.


Reading this article on website trends for 2015 brought me to something truly rare, a website that put a smile on my face: The Seattle Space Needle. This website is great for many reasons, however I will highlight some of the top things I saw below.

Crafted Copywriting

With any website copy is an important component to your site communicating the desired message to your audience. We strongly encourage our clients to spring for professional copywriting on their websites because a pro will have the creativity and insight needed to develop engaging content. The Space Needle site’s copy is great – from bottom to top. Creative headlines like “Observation Deck – Where staring is a good thing” and body copy such as “Actually, the world does revolve around you.” when talking about the revolving platform restaurant gets you thinking more about the experience of visiting the Space Needle than a more vanilla description could.

Parallax Scrolling Done Right

Parallax scrolling, which can be described as layers moving at different speeds to simulate depth of field, isn’t a new technique in web design but it has been very popular over the last year. The Seattle Space Needle uses Parallax Scrolling in a fantastic way to illustrate rising up the tower as you scroll up the webpage. The implementation is so good, in fact, that it ought to be used as a text-book example of this type of animation.

Animated Interactivity

Over the past few years it has taken some time for web design, and animation in particular, to adapt to the post-flash landscape of HTML5, iPads, and mobile devices. Now website animation is on its way to a resurgence, we are even working on some of our own projects in this vein, and the Space Needle site is a fantastic example of what is possible.

It Scrolls – In The Wrong Direction!

It can be disorienting to users if done wrong, however it is possible to have your website scroll in other directions rather than down. With the subject matter of this site being an iconic tower, it makes oh so much sense for this site to scroll up rather than following the normal convention.

Visit the Seattle Space Needle website using the link below – we hope you will enjoy it as much as we did!

Take a look for yourself – Visit the Seattle Space Needle Website

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