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I enjoy great videos. So much so that I often find myself immersed on Vimeo’s Staff Picks Channel watching powerful, story driven, unique and inspirational videos, one after another. One key component to a great video is great music because it has the ability to influence our emotions and when used effectively in videos, music can help create feeling and draw in the audience.

From past experience I can say that finding the ideal soundtrack is difficult. However, I’ve been able to use Marmoset Music, ‘Marmoset’ for short, in recent video projects with great success. Marmoset is, well, you can read about them here, but basically its a sweet website that has really good music tracks that can be licensed.

Killer Design

good soundtrack source for video and film projects marmoset music blue sky sessions

Marmoset really stands out from the all of the other music licensing sites. The first thing one notices about the site is how well designed and how aesthetically pleasing it is. Most music licensing sites I’ve encountered typically look outdated and feel like glorified spreadsheets. Marmoset’s brand comes through on their site. Good use of white space, relevant icons, video backgrounds, effective use of color, great photography and good functionality makes this site a joy to just browse even if you don’t need to license music.

True Content

good soundtrack source for video and film projects marmoset music blue sky sessions

Marmoset Music features music from true musicians. Artists who hand craft their work. There is nothing “stock” about the tracks offered on this site, which means that they have tracks that you wont be able to find elsewhere. The music is unique. It doesn’t sound synthetic or pre-fabricated. The tracks are real, live and have an authentic edge to them.

Really Finding It

good soundtrack source for video and film projects marmoset music blue sky sessions

The filtering functionality when browsing tracks is very impressive. You can filter by mood, effectively displaying tracks tagged with certain adjectives that describe the story being told, the project or character. The other filtering options include energy, length, what instruments are used, the genre the track pertains to, and most useful, the ‘arc’ of the track. The ‘arc’ essentially describes the flow or build of the track, how and when it rises and falls, when it slows down or speeds up. Marmoset represents this with a line graph. The story being told in the video has a flow to it, and the music should match that flow or build. Being able to filter a track by this characteristic saves a ton of time.

Projects Using Music from Marmoset

I’ve used music from Marmoset for a couple of projects. Take a look.

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