Stock photography doesn’t have to be generic or cost an arm and a leg.

For this weeks things we like thursday (#TWLT) we wanted to share a valuable resource. But first lets discuss the problem which will show the value of this resource.

The problem:

Quality photos, videos and icons are a must for website content. But generating original content can be cost prohibitive to many businesses. So, these businesses have to turn to stock photography, videos and icons. Stock photography doesn’t mean that the content is going to be cheap. In fact, in the past we have paid over $100 for a single stock image. When you consider that its not uncommon to have 20 or more unique images on a single website using stock photography can quickly become as cost prohibitive as generating original content. Another problem with stock photography is that unless you spend the time to find the right image it’s easy to settle on an image that is overused and generic looking.

The solution:

A couple years ago sites started popping up offering professional photography for use with creative commons license. These sites mission was to break out of the mold of generic stock photography and produce more artistic creative images and videos that are free to use however one wants.

The team at Blue Sky has used these types of sites to find quality images for both clients as well as for our own uses. So, without further ado the center of this weeks #TWLT is which is a curated list of all the sites offering free photos, videos, sound effects and icons. This is a great resource that we pull out when the situation is right and it helps elevate the design of our websites.

Here is a gallery of a few interesting finds from various sources on :


If your interested in seeing a site where we used some stock video to create a engaging and relevant video background see our project for forged by design.

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