Tulip Time 2015 Background Design Giveaway

Tulip Time Background 2015 Give Away

Although the Blue Sky Sessions office is no longer on 8th Street, we do love our local festival – Tulip Time! With the deliciously greasy food, dutch dancing, parades, and tulips, what’s not to like!

Following Phil’s post last week on great stock photography, and some other projects we have been working on recently, we were inspired so we collaborated to design a Tulip Time 2015 Background Design to give away!

The design features a fantastic stock photo of a tulip, downtown Holland as line art (with the iconic clock tower building), and bespoke tulip-petal inspired typography.

Each member of our team had some input on this project and we had fun in it’s creation – in fact we already have some other designs in mind for next year’s design.

If you like it please let us know – we are considering turning it into several products available for purchase, and don’t forget to share it with your friends!


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