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Summer is here and we all want to make the best of the gloriously wonderful weather. We all check the weather at various points throughout the week to plan out the next few days. Here in the office, we like to to do just that.

It looks Great things we like is a weather services, for the entire world, created by the people that make the Dark Sky app for iOS. This forecast site stands out from the rest. It has some pretty slick features. First of all, you will notice how sleek it looks.’s color pallet is subdued throughout on purpose in order to make the make precipitation colors on the map stand out. Also, when you visit their site, notice how cool their animated weather icons are. They make the site feel active, just like the weather.

24 Hour Timeline things we like thursday

Beyond that, one of the coolest features of is their timeline breakdown of the weather which we have actually found to be pretty accurate. I have also found the “Next Hour” precipitation graph to be very accurate and extremely helpful. One rainy evening, that graph indicated a 20 minute window where the rain was going to stop. That was just enough time for me to make it home on my bike. Sure enough, 20 minutes later, precisely when I got home, it started down pouring again. Phew!

Weather Widget

One other cool feature of this site is the Time Machine feature. Want to know the weather was like on your birthday? Type the date into the Time Machine and find out. also offers an very stylish and modern looking weather widget with animated icon that you can embed into your own site. Go check our, it’s certified #TWLT.

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