Is Your Website Ready for E-Commerce?

Is your website ready for e-commerce header imageDo you have an e-commerce website you are hoping will turn into an awesome online store that will make you a lot of money? It can happen.

Lots of people have made their fortunes online through web-based stores. There is no reason you can’t do the same. Most of the people who have made it big doing this are no different than you, with no more knowledge or skills. Many of them are self-taught and have lost a lot of money through mistakes until they finally learned to get it right and became profitable.

You can give yourself a good head start on being a success with your e-commerce site by determining if your site is, in fact, ready to serve customers. If it is, that’s great, and all you need to do is get a professional company to help you market it. If your site isn’t ready to serve customers yet, you need to make it customer-friendly in order to make any money from the site. Here are the basic things your site needs before it is ready for e-commerce.

You Need a Website With a Design That Attracts the Search Engines

Most people find websites for the first time by doing a search engine search for words describing a product, service, or something else they are interested in. These words are known as keywords. Keywords that are appropriate to your audience, plus a design that attracts the search engines, will ensure your site has the best chance possible of being among the top search engine results for your chosen keywords. The closer to the top of the search engines you are, the more likely a new visitor is to click on your site and become a customer.

Here are some things you need to do to your website to make sure the search engines will rank it highly for your keywords.

  • Put your keywords in your website’s title and meta description
  • Use a domain name with your main keyword in it, if you can. If not, make sure the domain name is unique and memorable.
  • Use your keywords in your product descriptions, but make sure they sound natural when read aloud. You have to use your keywords naturally.
  • Link internal pages on your site to each other using your keywords
  • Put your keywords in the Alt text of your images
  • Include an About Us and a a FAQ page on your website
  • Include a sitemap on your website
  • Include a Contact Us page on your website

Make Sure Your Website’s Design is User Friendly

It won’t do you any good to attract visitors to your website if the design is not user friendly. Once visitors find your site, even the best SEO in the world will not keep them on your site if it is not user friendly and difficult to figure out how to use. Everything on your website must be as easy as possible for your customers, from finding products and/or services they want to checking out with their orders to asking you questions.

Here are some of the features your website should have to make sure it is user friendly.

  • It needs an easy navigate structure and design (note: this is called Information Architecture)
  • A clear call to action should be present on the main page of the site, near the top of it.
  • There should be a prominent place on the first page to feature your best selling products.
  • You need a prominent and accurate search box on the front page.
  • It should take a minimum number of clicks to get from searching for a product or service to checking out and paying for it and getting a confirmation email of the transaction.
  • You need an easy to use shopping cart and payment processing area on your website, and should be set up to take as many different kinds of online payments as possible. Make it easy for your customers to buy from you.

If you don’t know how to do all of these things, or don’t have time to learn, since you must work on other aspects of your business, then hire Blue Sky Sessions to do these things for you. We are e-commerce experts and can get your website e-commerce ready in no time. We can also handle marketing, lead generation, and all the other important aspects of running an e-commerce website for you. With us doing the hard work behind the scenes, you are free to be creative with your business, increase your offerings, work on your promotions and specials, and be the best, most successful store you can be.

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