Meet Lily – a Photo Drone with a Great Web Design!

lily - camera drone with great website designYou might have already heard about Lily, the aerial video camera that tracks you as it flies above and around you recording video from afar of you and your surroundings. The shots and angels that Lily captures is truly stunning.

Navigate to their homepage and watch the feature video on to get an idea of just how cool Lily’s video can be. One other thing that stands out on Lily’s homepage is the proper and effective use of animations to enhance a website’s design.

Using Movement to Convey Ideas

One of the key ways that animations on any site can contribute to a great user experience is when they are used to communicate information.  Lily’s homepage effectively uses animations to convey concepts and ideas about how Lily is used, how Lily functions and how Lily is assembled and put together. Go to Lily’s site and scroll through the page to see the animations in action.

A Better User Experience

Animations provide a sense of interaction with the website, which I think this is one of the key benefits of using animations like the ones on Lily’s website. Lily’s homepage for example interacts with the user base on their input. Lily’s animations are driven through scrolling. The animations draws the user’s attention, engaging them as they scroll down the page and highlighting key points of interest. Instead of displaying static content such as flat images, the animations give depth to a page by adding another dimension to the animated elements. Animations simply give life to a page. The web design of the site is enhanced via the animations.

The Right Amount

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Too many animations to your a page can have a negative effect on users. Having to many animations can make the page seem very busy and distracting. In addition to that, too many animations can make a website seem slow, feel jittery and somewhat unresponsive. Lily’s doesn’t over do the animations, it has the proper amount and they are simple, not hugely complicated. We love to see sites that use animation effectively as many right now are over-doing it with gratuitous animation effects that add nothing to the experience.

Go check out Lily and the animations on their homepage.

Bonus – new TLD!

Starting in the last few months there have been many new TLD options to put your website on something different than the traditional .com, .net, or .org TLD. TLD’s (or top level domains) simply are the end of the URL that is registered for your web address. The team at Lily opted to use the new .CAMERA TLD for their site, therein emphasizing how this drone is intended to be used (.drone itself is also a new TLD).

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