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Meet Lily – a Photo Drone with a Great Web Design!

You might have already heard about Lily, the aerial video camera that tracks you as it flies above and around you recording video from afar of you and your surroundings. The shots and angels that Lily captures is truly stunning. Navigate to their homepage and watch the feature video on to get an idea of just how cool Lily’s …continue reading

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Better Map UX, Prevent Scroll Hijacking

Maps provide important information for users but they can pose a serious UX problem for mobile users. The Problem. Scrolling through a page is one of the most common things a user does when visiting a site. When we scroll, we expect the page to move, up or down. But, when a user encounters a map …continue reading

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A Well Designed Site for Finding Music Tracks for Projects – Marmoset

I enjoy great videos. So much so that I often find myself immersed on Vimeo’s Staff Picks Channel watching powerful, story driven, unique and inspirational videos, one after another. One key component to a great video is great music because it has the ability to influence our emotions and when used effectively in videos, music can help …continue reading

Our Video for the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Holland

The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Holland puts on this awesome annual fundraiser, their largest of the year, called “Steak N’ Burger.” This year, Chef Hugh Acheson, Chef Restaurateur and Judge on Bravo’s “Top Chef,” was the event’s special guest. Chef Acheson spent the afternoon touring the Boys and Girls Club facilities, judging food …continue reading

WooCommerce: Dynamic Pricing Plugin, How to Show the Quantity Pricing Rules

TLDR: “Show Me The Function” (get the code) The Dynamic Pricing Plugin Is Cool We are currently developing a website for a poultry farm that is taking their business online. Sweet! If you are wondering: Yes, the United States Postal Services does deliver live chicks. Who knew? Anyways, our client price per chick varies with …continue reading

Woocommerce: Display Dynamic Content For Each Product Variation

This is a brief example of how to add custom fields to product variations and then showing/hidding the custom field data per the respective product variation selected by the user. Introduction Our client, Almost Heaven Saunas, well you guessed it, makes saunas. The DIY type! Its a pretty cool product. Almost Heaven Saunas makes multiple …continue reading

Latest Video Promotion

Latest Video Promotion

In the past months we have been thrilled to work alongside the Harbor Humane Society in a variety of different ways. In addition to launching a bright and exciting new website, we were also able to have a little fun producing a marketing video to publicize their latest fundraising partnership with Feeding America. Check out …continue reading