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House Industries – conquering mediocrity with a genuine love for their subject matter

In my last installment Things We Like Thursday I covered how typography can be taken the digital age – today I express my appreciation for a business admired by designers around the world for their typefaces (and more!), House Industries. Harkening back to the days when typefaces were cast in metal, House Industries prefers the term “type foundry” …continue reading

How to Quickly and Efficiently Optimize your Website’s SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, provides the opportunity and tools that you need to reach your target audience and encourage visitors to return to your website. Excellent SEO strategies ensure that your company website is easy to find when a client looks for information and easy to read when you finish a blog post, update …continue reading

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Tulip Time Background 2015 Give Away

Tulip Time 2015 Background Design Giveaway

Although the Blue Sky Sessions office is no longer on 8th Street, we do love our local festival – Tulip Time! With the deliciously greasy food, dutch dancing, parades, and tulips, what’s not to like! Following Phil’s post last week on great stock photography, and some other projects we have been working on recently, we were inspired so …continue reading

Holland, MI Financial Advisor Website Development

New Financial Advisor Website Launch – Branch Capital Management

In partnership with some talented designers, who worked freelance on this project, Blue Sky Sessions launched a new website for Holland, MI based financial advisory Branch Capital Management. Through a collaborative process the Blue Sky Sessions team assisted in ensuring the design mockups conformed to modern responsive web design user experience patterns and handled converting …continue reading

Google Type - Web Fonts Typography Project

Exploring Web Typography – New Project Highlights Creativity + Google Fonts

It’s (belated) ‘Things we Like Thursday’ again and this week I am taking a look at Google Type – a “Collaborative typography project using select passages from Aesop’s Fables set to Google Fonts”. In days of yore, website typography was a thing of nightmares for designers. Your choices were few: Choose from a limited selection …continue reading