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Example Manufacturing Case Study - Roll Forming for Office Furniture Industry

Beyond the Specs: Effective Case Studies Help Manufacturing Marketing

Manufacturing marketing often consists of specification sheets and little else. While specs are important, they aren’t very engaging – even to engineers. The days when a manufacturer could post product data sheets on the web and call it manufacturing marketing are long gone. Today, customers don’t have the time to dig through spec sheets to …continue reading

Differentiation for Manufacturers: Differentiation by Service

While some manufacturers shy away from discussing post sales service in their manufacturing marketing materials as a reason to buy their products, most customers consider this a valuable reason that sets one manufacturer apart from another. Make sure your service practices will stand up to scrutiny against your competitors’ practices. If they do, make it …continue reading

Great Web Design – Seattle Space Needle Site is a Medium + Message Win on the Web

In order to stay on top of our game as designers and developers, it is necessary to constantly be looking for opportunities to learn about the newest trends, techniques, and industry news. To do this many of us rely on reading blogs where other agencies or individuals share information. Recently I stumbled upon this excellent …continue reading

Differentiation for Manufacturers: Differentiation by Design

Differentiation for Manufacturers: Differentiation by Design

At Blue Sky Sessions we appreciate good design, so it was only natural for our second post in our Differentiation for Manufacturers series to focus on design as a driver for differentiation. For many companies, manufacturing marketing takes a backseat to all other tasks, but that approach is very short sighted. Creating differentiation in the …continue reading

How small manufacturers can look big with effective marketing

How Small Manufacturers Can Look Big With Effective Marketing

When you’re a manufacturing company, it can be hard to differentiate yourself from competitors, and it’s even harder when you’re smaller than they are. In the past you would have been at a major disadvantage without the big budgets and ample resources of larger companies, but that is no longer the case. Manufacturing marketing has …continue reading

Differentiation for Manufacturers - Introduction

Differentiation for Manufacturers

One of the most difficult yet important parts of manufacturing marketing is showing differentiation from competitors. There are many opportunities for highlighting points of differentiation: campaign collateral, web design, customer videos and banner ads among them. However, it’s important to remember that you must be consistent across all your manufacturing marketing channels or you risk …continue reading

How Blogging Can Drive Manufacturing Leads

How Blogging Can Drive Manufacturing Leads

Blogging by manufacturing companies remains an underused and misunderstood topic. Business blogging is not about home and family life, which is a common misperception about the purpose of blogging. For a manufacturer, blogging can be the tool that cements your position as an industry leader. Read on to learn how blogging can drive manufacturing leads. …continue reading