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House Industries – conquering mediocrity with a genuine love for their subject matter

In my last installment Things We Like Thursday I covered how typography can be taken the digital age – today I express my appreciation for a business admired by designers around the world for their typefaces (and more!), House Industries. Harkening back to the days when typefaces were cast in metal, House Industries prefers the term “type foundry” …continue reading

Stock photography doesn’t have to be generic or cost an arm and a leg.

For this weeks things we like thursday (#TWLT) we wanted to share a valuable resource. But first lets discuss the problem which will show the value of this resource. The problem: Quality photos, videos and icons are a must for website content. But generating original content can be cost prohibitive to many businesses. So, these …continue reading

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Better Map UX, Prevent Scroll Hijacking

Maps provide important information for users but they can pose a serious UX problem for mobile users. The Problem. Scrolling through a page is one of the most common things a user does when visiting a site. When we scroll, we expect the page to move, up or down. But, when a user encounters a map …continue reading

6 Examples of Engaging Video Website Backgrounds

Websites no longer need to be static. Faster internet speeds and HTML5 are freeing websites from the confines of traditional graphic design. We can now integrate animations and video content into websites without having to worry too much about cross-browser compatibility or hindering loading speeds. If you find yourself wondering why you would want to include video content …continue reading