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Meet Lily – a Photo Drone with a Great Web Design!

You might have already heard about Lily, the aerial video camera that tracks you as it flies above and around you recording video from afar of you and your surroundings. The shots and angels that Lily captures is truly stunning. Navigate to their homepage and watch the feature video on to get an idea of just how cool Lily’s …continue reading

Tulip Time Background 2015 Give Away

Tulip Time 2015 Background Design Giveaway

Although the Blue Sky Sessions office is no longer on 8th Street, we do love our local festival – Tulip Time! With the deliciously greasy food, dutch dancing, parades, and tulips, what’s not to like! Following Phil’s post last week on great stock photography, and some other projects we have been working on recently, we were inspired so …continue reading

Great Web Design – Seattle Space Needle Site is a Medium + Message Win on the Web

In order to stay on top of our game as designers and developers, it is necessary to constantly be looking for opportunities to learn about the newest trends, techniques, and industry news. To do this many of us rely on reading blogs where other agencies or individuals share information. Recently I stumbled upon this excellent …continue reading


Our New Team Member

Please join us in welcoming the newest addition to our team, Emily Wilkins! Emily will become the main point of contact for our clients and will be responsible for attracting new business as our company continues to grow. This is a photo of her touring our newest client’s manufacturing facility; part of our “discovery” process …continue reading