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Tulip Time Background 2015 Give Away

Tulip Time 2015 Background Design Giveaway

Although the Blue Sky Sessions office is no longer on 8th Street, we do love our local festival – Tulip Time! With the deliciously greasy food, dutch dancing, parades, and tulips, what’s not to like! Following Phil’s post last week on great stock photography, and some other projects we have been working on recently, we were inspired so …continue reading

Stock photography doesn’t have to be generic or cost an arm and a leg.

For this weeks things we like thursday (#TWLT) we wanted to share a valuable resource. But first lets discuss the problem which will show the value of this resource. The problem: Quality photos, videos and icons are a must for website content. But generating original content can be cost prohibitive to many businesses. So, these …continue reading

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Holland, MI Financial Advisor Website Development

New Financial Advisor Website Launch – Branch Capital Management

In partnership with some talented designers, who worked freelance on this project, Blue Sky Sessions launched a new website for Holland, MI based financial advisory Branch Capital Management. Through a collaborative process the Blue Sky Sessions team assisted in ensuring the design mockups conformed to modern responsive web design user experience patterns and handled converting …continue reading

Professional photography matters: Stanley Harris photoshoot

Stock photography certainly works when the only other option is to use old existing photography that doesn’t fit the new goals and brand of a website redesign, but nothing engages your audience like professional original photography! We work with the best photography partners to help showcase our clients in their best light. We have a great working relationship …continue reading

Giving Thanks by Coding for Those in Need

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. What better way to give thanks and show appreciation for the gifts you’ve been given in life than to donate your own time and unique skills to helping others? That is exactly what our Code Wizard, Guillermo, did for GiveCamp Grand Rapids this year. We are so proud of him for getting involved with this awesome program, …continue reading

Our Latest Manufacturing Website Has a Cool Video Background

Video backgrounds have a lot of hype right now, as Phil mentioned in his July blog post, but that’s not why we chose to use one for the new site we just launched for Steel Forming Systems. We went that direction for several reasons: The manufacturing process used by our client, called “roll forming,” is complex and …continue reading

Holland Michigan marketing firm - at Baker Commons

The Blue Sky Sessions Spaceship Has Landed at Baker Commons

Earlier this summer the Blue Sky Sessions team kicked off a quest for a new home after learning that ours would no longer be available after July. We had been sharing a space with our sister company, Worksighted, whose new facility would not accommodate both businesses. After an interim month working out of a basement (albeit a bright and …continue reading