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Better Map UX, Prevent Scroll Hijacking

Maps provide important information for users but they can pose a serious UX problem for mobile users. The Problem. Scrolling through a page is one of the most common things a user does when visiting a site. When we scroll, we expect the page to move, up or down. But, when a user encounters a map …continue reading

WooCommerce: Dynamic Pricing Plugin, How to Show the Quantity Pricing Rules

TLDR: “Show Me The Function” (get the code) The Dynamic Pricing Plugin Is Cool We are currently developing a website for a poultry farm that is taking their business online. Sweet! If you are wondering: Yes, the United States Postal Services does deliver live chicks. Who knew? Anyways, our client price per chick varies with …continue reading

Woocommerce: Display Dynamic Content For Each Product Variation

This is a brief example of how to add custom fields to product variations and then showing/hidding the custom field data per the respective product variation selected by the user. Introduction Our client, Almost Heaven Saunas, well you guessed it, makes saunas. The DIY type! Its a pretty cool product. Almost Heaven Saunas makes multiple …continue reading

Restricting date input with jQueryUI date picker

Restricting dates on a jQuery UI datepicker is relatively easy – though perhaps a bit more challenging than it first appears. We recently coded a solution that combines the need to restrict weekends with a the necessity to keep the selected day two business days in the futures.