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Meet Lily – a Photo Drone with a Great Web Design!

You might have already heard about Lily, the aerial video camera that tracks you as it flies above and around you recording video from afar of you and your surroundings. The shots and angels that Lily captures is truly stunning. Navigate to their homepage and watch the feature video on to get an idea of just how cool Lily’s …continue reading

House Industries – conquering mediocrity with a genuine love for their subject matter

In my last installment Things We Like Thursday I covered how typography can be taken the digital age – today I express my appreciation for a business admired by designers around the world for their typefaces (and more!), House Industries. Harkening back to the days when typefaces were cast in metal, House Industries prefers the term “type foundry” …continue reading

Stock photography doesn’t have to be generic or cost an arm and a leg.

For this weeks things we like thursday (#TWLT) we wanted to share a valuable resource. But first lets discuss the problem which will show the value of this resource. The problem: Quality photos, videos and icons are a must for website content. But generating original content can be cost prohibitive to many businesses. So, these …continue reading

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Google Type - Web Fonts Typography Project

Exploring Web Typography – New Project Highlights Creativity + Google Fonts

It’s (belated) ‘Things we Like Thursday’ again and this week I am taking a look at Google Type – a “Collaborative typography project using select passages from Aesop’s Fables set to Google Fonts”. In days of yore, website typography was a thing of nightmares for designers. Your choices were few: Choose from a limited selection …continue reading

Great brand inspired website design for construction company – Stonewood Construction

I often find myself trolling the internet looking for great web designs that inspire my own work. Earlier this week I stumbled on by and immediately knew this was one that deserved some attention. In design school we are subjected to critiques. These critiques can be incredibly painful especially if one isn’t prepared and …continue reading

good soundtrack source for video and film projects marmoset music blue sky sessions

A Well Designed Site for Finding Music Tracks for Projects – Marmoset

I enjoy great videos. So much so that I often find myself immersed on Vimeo’s Staff Picks Channel watching powerful, story driven, unique and inspirational videos, one after another. One key component to a great video is great music because it has the ability to influence our emotions and when used effectively in videos, music can help …continue reading