E-Commerce Website Development

Before we started building E-Commerce websites for West Michigan businesses to sell their products online, we didn’t even know some of these items could be sold online.

We’re talking about pallets of ice cream, audiophile grade music tracks, sauna kits, baby christmas trees, and live chickens, pheasants, and turkeys!

A Different Kind of E-Commerce Developer

In case you can’t tell from what we have worked on, we are a different kind of e-commerce company. We are not the guys that will turn you into the next big-box online retailer. We won’t import 12,000 SKUs of machine parts. We specialize in empowering businesses to sell niche products online to specific audiences. We get inside the head of your consumer to identify strategies that drive sales. We help you make the right decisions to build success online.

Paying Attention to Things That Matter

While setting up shop online can be an easy process, implementing a strategy to build your business takes something more. Our team has experience providing the right kind of thoughtful guidance to help you towards your goals. Whether you need to consult about reaching your niche audience, design advice to optimize conversions, or expertise in securing your E-Commerce transactions, we are happy to help. If you are looking for e-commerce website development in West Michigan, contact us today.

Strategic E-Commerce Partnerships

We have partnered with some of the leading e-commerce platform providers to enable our customers to grow their online business. We have been an Affiliated Woo Worker for several years and the launch of WooCommerce has made launching an online store combined with the power of WordPress a great option for doing business online. We also became a Shopify Partner within the last year because the ease of launching a store on their platform is unmatched. We like to steer our clients into the best solution for their needs rather than shoe-horning every project into one platform – we would be glad to guide you to the right decision for your business.

Blue Sky Sessions - Shopify E-Commerce Partner

Blue Sky Sessions - Affiliated Woo Worker