Cunningham Dalman

“Blue Sky Sessions impressed us with their knowledge, skill, drive, creativity, and professionalism. The result is a website that accurately reflects Cunningham Dalman’s status as a successful law firm composed of knowledgeable, experienced, and approachable attorneys and staff. ”

Director of Marketing and Technical Solutions

Law firms are an interesting breed of business. Typically, there are several owners in the business, all trained and experienced in the art of arguing and all having a say in how the business is run, each specializing in a completely different area of law.

The attorneys at Cunningham Dalman asked us to build them a site after a negative experience trying to do so with a national web firm. Right from the start, they understood the importance of having face-to-face interaction with us and appreciated our thoroughness in finding out exactly who they were, what story they were trying to tell and what purposes the site would serve.

They will be the first to say that they were not the easiest client to work with (although we beg to differ!), because lawyers tend to like arguing. They were impressed by the fact that we did not roll over and do whatever they said (which could have gone on forever because they all had their own opinions) but instead negotiated with them by providing evidence on our design decisions.

The result, as Rick Vangrouw put it, is “a website that vividly reflects the firm’s values and image.”

Key features

  • WordPress Content Management
  • Custom Theme
  • Responsive Design
  • Photo Direction
  • Content Strategy for SEO
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