EBW Electronics

EBW Electronics is a local manufacturer of circuit boards, LEDs and other electronic assemblies, and also provides engineering services. They needed a website that was functional and easy for customers and prospects to use.

We spent some time in the beginning asking EBW questions to help us understand the various aspects of their business so we could help them create a logical content layout. We then organized information by capabilities and industries to give the user multiple ways of locating the information they need.

Then we complimented their current logo with other brand elements to help create a cohesive brand statement. These elements included a subtle backdrop of a circuit board and simple icons to visually communicate the subject of the text.

To give EBW’s users a great experience from any device we created a responsive layout which allows the elements of the site move around for optimal viewing on all screen sizes, and integrated it to fit their brand and information architecture.

Key features

  • Responsive Design
  • Wordpress Content Management
  • Content Strategy
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