Forged – Timber . Steel . Design

Rustic Elements, LLC came to us with a vision and the need for a strategic partner.

They were creating a company that could design/engineer/build just about anything out of wood and metal but they didn’t have a brand or a digital marketing presence.

Through some early strategy and competitive analysis we determined that their legal name was going to be too easily confused with some competitors. We made a recommendation to take a step back and consider renaming in addition to visual identity design – it would be a complete brand package.

How does one name a company that can create just about anything out of, well, just about anything?

Lots of brainstorming and discovery. It was all hands on deck for several weeks as we generated, mulled, and culled the ideas we had for a new name. In the end we settled on “Forged” which denotatively means “create” fit all our criteria for a great brand name.

Now we can get started on the visual identity…

The overall approach to the visual branding is best characterized as simple modern. The color scheme, succinct tagline and strong logo mark come together to form our vision for the brand and website which was driven by the companies own vision, culture and capabilities. We created a corporate identity package for them including business cards, letterhead and envelope. The business cards are matte coated with foil stamping to give them a high design look and feel. We also carried this through to the letterhead using metallic pantone inks.

A simple site – for now.

As a startup stage business Forged is only just building their portfolio of work, so the web presence has to represent their brand and capabilities and allow them to grow. We used a video background to provide the main visual impact. If your interested in reading more about video backgrounds check out our blog post: 6 Examples of Engaging Video Backgrounds. We implemented a blog so they would have a simple way to add updates and projects until they are ready to build a more robust site and portfolio. The overall aesthetic is clean and modern just like their brand.

We have great plans in place for Forged including a custom video and website. Be sure to check back and see what great things Forged is creating.

Key features

  • Branding Strategy
  • Company Naming
  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Stationary Package Design
  • WordPress Content Management
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Ongoing Post-Launch Improvements
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