Gilmore Furniture

Gilmore Furniture is known for its craftsmanship and dedication to its customers and we collaborated with them to create a website that reflects those values.

The site was designed to be simple and elegant, just like the furniture that Gilmore makes. A burnt orange accent color creates a pop on the otherwise clean white background. A grey geometric pattern offers a contrasting background in some places and features stick drawings of various pieces of furniture.

Large photographs, taken in Gilmore’s factory during production span the top of each page giving the viewer an understanding of the intricacy and detail used in their process.

Using what we learned through our discovery sessions with Gilmore and analyzing their site data, we developed a new content strategy aimed at creating an intuitive user experience. A very simple and easy-to-follow navigation structure was developed along with page layouts that guide the different types of audiences to the information they need and offers contact forms in strategic locations.

To create a pleasant customer experience throughout the ordering process, we set up a quote form that allows customers to upload a drawing and provide other details on their project as well as a page that allows users to track an order in real time.

Mobile traffic to Gilmore’s site had increased by 30% within the last year so we made sure it was easily accessible to mobile devices and easy to read on all screen sizes.

Key features

  • WordPress Content Management
  • Responsive Design
  • Photo Direction
  • Content Strategy

Results Speak:

  • 67% Increase in Traffic - 45 days after launch
  • 45% Increase in Traffic - year over year
  • 26% Increase in Organic Search Traffic
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