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We recently had the pleasure to work with Hackley Community Care in Muskegon, MI on a complete redesign of their site hackleycommunitycare.org. We are quite pleased with the result! Read below for some additional insights into our process and be sure to checkout the site for yourself!

Hackley Community Care is a Federally Qualified Health Center that serves the underserved population of Muskegon County. They provide full comprehensive health care services for persons aged newborn through geriatrics. Their services include medical, dental, behavioral health, pharmacy and school wellness programs.

Our commitment to the whole person is the reason we have become a prominent healthcare leader in Muskegon County. We bring all of our services together for the good of the individual and for the good of the community.

During our discovery process with Hackley, we identified several goals setting the foundation for the redesign of their site. They needed to increase their level of exposure, recruit quality personnel, inform the community of their services and mission, interface with their donors and distinguish themselves from their competitors through design and interactivity.

Photography became an obstacle that we had to address knowing their goals, so we directed a one day professional photo shoot at their facilities and were able to capture a beautiful selection of images that really connects with the user as well as distinguishes Hackley from their competitors, many of which use stock photos.

Creating icons for each service along with a distinctive color was an important design decision that really increased their level of exposure on the web by showcasing the breadth of services they offer their community. At a cursory glance a user is able to easily identify the services that Hackley offers as well as drill into the service/providers that they would like more information about.


As with every new site we build, Hackley Community Cares’s new website is fully responsive, meaning that the content on the page rearranges itself to fit the width of the screen upon which its being viewed without changing the size of the text.

We had a great time working with the team from Hackley and are thrilled that we could be a small part of the good that Hackley Community Care is doing for Muskegon County.

Send us your feedback on Hackley’s new site, and be sure to contact us if you want to find out how a new website can improve your business. If you have an existing site and would like to have us evaluate how it is doing click the link below.


Key features

  • Website Design
  • Custom Development
  • Content Strategy
  • WordPress CMS
  • Professional Photography
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