Hutt Trucking Company

The team from Blue Sky took the time to learn and understand our business, our team, and our culture. They were great to work with throughout our entire branding project and the results were fantastic. ~ James Hutt

If you were in the market for highly automated logistical solutions and you landed on an ancient-looking website claiming to be a company that did just that, would you trust them? Probably not. This was how people felt about Hutt Trucking Company when they contacted us.

Hutt was growing out of it’s old “trucking company” business model and becoming more of a high-tech supply chain management service. We took an integrated approach to communicating Hutt’s new vision and values to its audience by first creating a fresh and modern brand identity that could be woven throughout all of its marketing efforts.

Hutt’s brand identity is made up of many small elements; everything from the logo, to the fonts used, to the style of photography and videography contribute to their vision and product offering. Hutt is even in the process now of converting all of it’s signage (building signs, semi-truck  design, etc.) to the new branding.

Each of these things on their own don’t really mean much, but when used all together it is easy for people to quickly understand Hutt’s story.

Key features

  • Integrated Storytelling
  • Branding and Logo Design
  • WordPress Content Management
  • Custom Website Theme
  • Responsive Design
  • Photo Direction
  • Content Strategy
  • Videography
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