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Since 2006, Supply Source Options has provided outstanding logistics, warehousing, supply chain management, and other general services to manufactures. Their commitment to excellence has earned them a reputation as a trusted solutions provider and that has allowed them in turn to expand their offerings and capabilities. Supply Source Options has been thriving as a business, however, the same could not be said about their website. It was in desperate shape.

Supply Source Options had completely outgrown their site. Not only was their website in need of a fresh and updated design, it no longer reflected their business priorities and the scope of their capabilities. Part of the reason that their website had fallen behind was because it was not originally build on a Content Management System and was in turn rigid, difficult to update and expand as they grew. Beyond that, the previous developer had left gaps in the site that had not been completed – their website required a complete redesign.

Supply Source Options wanted their next website to be a useful tool to faithfully represent and promote the growth of their business. They also wanted their website to be easily editable by their team. We wanted the exact same things. We met Supply Source Options regularly and listened closely to what they had to say to accurately understand the business they were in, to identify their long term goals, and to find out what made them unique.

We wanted the site to look clean and professional, of course, but we also knew and wanted their website to go beyond looking nice. We worked closely with Supply Source Options to put together a content strategy plan. Due to their new product and service offerings, there was considerable amounts of new content that needed to be created and integrated into the site. Additionally, we edited and curated the content they provided to carry a consistent voice and also to make it keyword rich in order to help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) goals. While keeping in mind Supply Source Options’ long term goals, we focused on content first and that in turn gave us the proper insight to determine the site’s information architecture, which kept the content organized and relevant as we built out the pages of site.

With the new content, design, and site structure in place, Supply Source Options’ new website stands out amongst their competitors. We are grateful for the amiable personal and business relationship that we have formed with the Supply Source Options team, and we are proud of the work we have done We are excited to continue working together as we implement ongoing post-launch phases of the project.

Key features

  • Integrated Content Strategy
  • SEO Copywriting and Editing
  • Conversion-Focused Design
  • WordPress Content Management
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Ongoing Post-Launch Improvements
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