The Outpost of Holland

The Outpost of Holland has been a mainstay of 8th Street since it was started in the early 70’s and now provides the latest and greatest in outdoor clothing, footwear, and gear. Their website had been around for a while, had confusing navigation, and they were looking for a new partner to bring it to the next level. The Outpost is all about providing a great in-store customer experience, so they were a fan of having the work done locally, so working with Blue Sky Sessions was a great choice.

Blue Sky Sessions worked with the outpost to build a highly customized site that is up to date with the latest standards. One of the site’s key features is a responsive design – the site is designed to display well on both desktop computers and mobile devices, which has a huge advantage for a retail store – 20%+ of their web visitors are using mobile devices. Combined with WordPress’ easy to use and reliable content management, and a sleek design that highlights the seasons, the new site is a hit!


Key features

  • Responsive Design for mobile device support
  • Easy to use WordPress content management
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