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I won’t lie to you, we were more than a little bit geeked when locally renowned custom home builder, Zahn Homes, contacted us about redoing their website. We have always used the analogy that building a new website is just like building a new home, and Zahn has built some of the most incredible homes in the area. We wanted to make sure his website did those masterpieces justice.

When you’re trying to decide on a builder for your new dream house, what’s the first thing you do? Ask around your circle of friends to see who built their dream homes and then look through the portfolios of those builders to see who’s style you like best. Or you ask your architect. So it was important for us to showcase Zahn’s work in a way that was easy and exciting for users to browse, and to appeal to their target market of high-end residential architects and people of wealth who may be interested in building their dream home.

Appealing to Zahn’s target market was a matter of giving the website a sophisticated look. This was relatively simple because in Zahn’s case, the work speaks for itself, so we used a lot of full-width photography to capture the viewer’s attention, and accented the visuals with Zahn’s colors; black, white and gold. The typography we chose is thin and widely spaced to continue the air of elegance.

People have different preferences when it comes to browsing information, especially people of different generations. Many of Zahn’s target customers are retirement age, but he also has a new demographic of younger doctors and entrepreneurs. In order to appeal to both, we organized the portfolio by design style and also by room type. For example, you could look at the gallery of modern homes, click on one you like and look through all the photos of that specific home, or you could look at the gallery of rooms, select kitchens or bathrooms, and then see a variety of kitchens or bathrooms pulled from different houses.

By nature, Zahn holds his work to exceptionally high standards, so it made us happy that the home builder website we designed for him measured up. We appreciate great craftsmanship and would love the opportunity to help another master craftsman showcase his or her work. If you’re that person, get in touch with us today.

Key features

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  • Brand Standardization
  • WordPress Content Management
  • Responsive Design
  • SEO Copywriting
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