A (moving) picture is worth more than a thousand words.

Today, more than ever, video has established itself as an important marketing tool, crucial to the success of businesses, products and projects. A good video has the ability to captivate viewers, quickly educate and inform, garnish interest, create excitement and tell a compelling story.

We have experience creating live talent, live action, and organic interview-driven videos as well as scripted product, promotional and 2D animated videos.

Product Feature

Scripted videos usually are best-suited to transmit specific key ideas or features of a product or service. Voiceover audio is crucial for this type of video and defined by a script.


2D Animation

2D animation utilizes the movement of illustrations, shapes and text to visually display the subject in a creative way. 2D animations can be incorporated into a video to liven statistics and other information, or to communicate a topic which is difficult to portray or attain on film for whatever reason, maybe a visually unappealing subject or an abstract concept.


Company/Organization Profile Video

An interview-driven video lets us capture genuine emotions, feelings and audio responses. All of this aids our efforts to convey a personal and relatable facet of the video. This type of video usually captures and incorporates live-on-location action footage that relates well to the interview responses, and thus helps viewers absorb the message of the video.


Event Coverage & Highlight Videos

The trick to a successful highlight video is to engage the viewer, making him or her feel as though they were there first-hand and are now reliving the experience. This type of filming requires a first-person perspective when shooting the event. This is our preferred approach, getting right into the action and being up-close and personal with the subject.